We never thought Sesame street would get in touch with PikoTaro, the musical performer of the now legendary PPAP song. The original video has over 88 million views on YouTube, and spawned tons of parody versions spread across the social media globe, such as the Death note version, or the romantic Christmas version. But it kind of makse sense that Elmo and Cookie Monster from Sesame Street would like to learn and share his superbly simple song, which seems perfect for their audience. It might even be simpler than what they normally do. We expect a translated version in the future, but you really don't need to know too much to follow.

PikoTaro takes the two characters through the motions of how to perfect your dancing and hand-motion techniques when you make your own version of PPAP (he recently did this for several Japanese celebrities and comedians on television). Together they create a song that Cookie Monster must love, using butter and Japanese nama choco, or thick and creamy chocolate made from high-quality cacao and cream!

The Sesame Street version is called Cookie-Butter-Choco-Cookie (CBCC). Sounds much tastier than an apple-pineapple-pen hybrid!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.