When it comes to cats, Scottish Folds are immensely popular in Japan. Their trademark ears and perpetually confused expression are a big hit with fans of all things kawaii, so the internet is in love with Scottish Folds who bathe like they are in a hotspring, traditional Japanese snacks shaped like them, and even Scottish Fold lingerie. Given a recent episode of a cat being ultra-protective of a tissue box, it was only a matter of time before a pronunciation pun united Scottish Folds and tissue boxes.

While the pun works just as well in English, the "Scottissue" plays on how a Japanese person would pronounce the "Scottish" in "Scottish Fold", which elongates the "tish" into sounding almost exactly the same as "tissue." That's a good enough reason to make this adorable product in our opinion.

The Scottissue comes via Kitan Club, and will be released on November 25th for 1,300 yen per box at domestic retailers in Japan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.