The purpose of having various mascots to represent each prefecture in Japan is to create an endearing symbol for the region and promote their area. But not too long ago, a superbly talented Aomori mascot showed up and proved to the world that he isn’t just a cute object. Although he's cool enough already as a mix between a cat and Aomori’s famous apples, he can also drum, and is pretty damn skilled at it!

His insane drumming skills have been displayed at multiple events and TV shows, but it wasn't until recently that he met the final boss — his favorite rock band X-JAPAN. It was all up to him to test his skills and see whether or not they could meet the standards of Yoshiki, the band's famous drummer. Yoshiki sat and listened along with Shinya and Inoran from the band Luna Sea, and the high intensity of the atmosphere made the stage look like a new member audition.

The Aomori mascot decided to play X-Japan’s popular song “Kurenai,” which is also known as one of their most difficult pieces.

After that, he played another hardcore song, "Silent Jealousy."

Rocking like a rock star! The performance was too unreal, watching a mascot hitting every note, X-Japan members couldn’t help but let out a few laughs and give him the fullest respect at the end. Who knows, maybe one day, this Aomori mascot’s dream of becoming one of the members of X-Japan may come true, or might at least have a chance to receive a small gig from them.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.