One of the best cultural experiences in Japan is a relaxing and rejuvenating trip to a traditional hot spring (Onsen). Japan has thousands of natural onsen areas. Bepuu city in Kyushuu, known as the world’s largest hot spring boasting area, is home to more than 2,000 onsen, which might make the area seem like a water park.

The mayor of the city, Nagano Ysuhiro understands that, and has been planning about the idea of utilizing their onsen resource advantage to develop a hybrid onsen and amusement park, but is afraid his dream could look too absurd and probably lame to other people.

Nagano doesn't want his dreams to stay as dreams, so he and his team members made a promotion video on Youtube, hilariously showing off what an Onsen amusement park might look like if realized. Trains with onsen seats, roller-coasters with onsen seats, merry-go-round horses replaced with onsen tubs--an amusement park that will be fully adapted and occupied with onsen related stuff. Customers even freely walk around with just a towel on, a way of holding the traditional concept of entering a typical Japanese onsen.

He also wrote a declaration letter says, “If the Promotion video ever reaches over 1 million views, the Onsen amusement park which they called “Spamusement” will be officially installed.” In addition, the project aims to be finished in less than one year right after the plan is announced.

At the time of writing, Beppu city's Spamusement Park video has reached around one-fourth of their goal views in 2 days. If you want the first ever Onsen amusement park to be fired up, show it to your friends!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.