Cities and architecture from all over the world are said to have inspired the world of Hayao Miyazaki’s legendary films, but as similar as a real life location might seem to a town or village of one of the Studio Ghibli characters, we’ll never see Totoro sleeping in the forest of Tokorozawa where his story is rumored to have been inspired by, or Kiki weaving through the skies of Sweden on her broomstick. But by the creative skills of Korean filmmaker Kojer, iconic Ghibli characters have been transported to the real world, giving us a glimpse of what it would be like if their world and ours merged.


Source: Vimeo

The brilliantly compiled video begins at Itsukushima Shrine in Hiroshima Prefecture, with Ponyo running over the water's surface and the Forest Spirit taking a long sip. The characters then fly to Korea, where we see Totoro, Chihiro, No Face, Porco Rosso, Kiki, and others riding on trains, sunbathing in the park, and finding themselves in new adventures in the streets of a new land.


Source: Vimeo

The video, which depicts a beautiful combination of Ghibli animation and real life, puts into perspective how much Hayao Miyazaki's works have influenced our lives, and how amazing it would be if they actually inhabited the same world as us. You can watch it in full below, and check out Kojer's Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channel to stay updated on his future projects.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.