This year, the Japanese Meteorological agency predicts that the La Niña phenomenon will roll out its environmental influence throughout the winter, and lead a devastatingly cold weather to hit Japan.

The northern regions obviously have the highest concerns, especially in Hokkaido Prefecture where the most critical problem is the “delivery service.” Snow, safety, other animal encounters must all be taken into account. Thankfully, Domino's Pizza Japan came up an brilliant idea to save people from hunger throughout the harsh winter months by choosing Santa’s most loving reindeer to make pizza deliveries to snowed-in homes.

The reindeer transportation has been chosen over other possible options through a comparison and analyzation of various data:

Four-Wheel Automobile Transportation

The four-wheel automobile may sound the most reasonable, but actually comes at an insane cost. Heavy car maintenance fees often incur during the winter season, with one car costing around 2,345,202 yen (US $21,143) in total per year. For Domino's, 20 cars are needed, making the entire cost even more unrealistic.

Snowmobile Transportation

Plan B is the snowmobile transportation. Although it costs much less than the four-wheel automobile at 540,000 yen (US $4,875) per snowmobile, it has high regulations on insurance coverage, public road crossing, and all snowmobiles are required to drive under the limit of 15km maximum speed to meet the legal requirement.

Reindeer Transportation

No driving license is required, and maximum speed can reach up to 80kmh with high carrying ability. Most importantly, there's only a low cost of 300,000 yen (US $2,708) per reindeer during the cold season.

No fear! Reindeer are on the way.

Training Mode

In process of making stable pizza boxes for the reindeer.

After that is squared away, we can start seeing reindeer running in snow and spreading joy by delivering hot cheesy pizzas. Further details about the initiative will be announced on November 24th according to their official website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.