YouTube’s Brian from Ramen Adventures went on a tsukemen adventure to a tiny shop in Shinjuku called Gotsubo, which translates to "16.5 square meters" in English.


This shop’s specialty is Veggie tsukemen, which is a unique dipping noodle dish offered for just 990 yen (8.75 USD). It comes with a choice of two types of soup; shrimp tomato and chicken ginger. You can see the creaminess of Brian’s choice, shrimp tomato soup, and the time and dedication that goes into the placement of each vegetable.


Brian describes the presentation of the dish as “the most artistic veggie tsukemen.” All the vegetables that are used are seasonal, and with some interesting foam detailing. You can even find some delicious fruit in there as well! The homemade noodles are any noodle nerd's heaven. You have fall vegetables such as Japanese pumpkin, koshin daikon, regular daikon, lotus root, and a beautiful but strange looking pickled bamboo shoot. According to Brian, the weirder the bamboo shoot, the better!


After one big, Japanese style slurp, he gives a big thumbs up with a look of satisfaction. The key to Gotsubo “is noodles for vegetable lovers” says the manager of the shop. It's probably safe to say that Gotsubo is Ramen Adventures approved and if you’re looking for a one of a kind meal, definitely check them out.

Gotsubo Ramen

Address: 1-32-15, Shinjuku, Shinjuku,Tokyo
Telephone: 03-6388-9227 (+81-3-6388-9227)
Hours: 11:00~15:00/17:00~21:30

By - grape Japan editorial staff.