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4 Things You Need To Do In Okinawa

Chris Broad from the YouTube channel Abroad In Japan heads south of Japan to sunny Okinawa. He lists four things you must do when traveling to the island prefecture!

After landing in Naha, the capital city of Okinawa, he jumps to the first thing on his list, which is beer! And his choice is Orion, a local beer. He describes the flavour to be similar to Sake but with a more citrus kick. And delicious enough to make it to his list of top beers in Japan and number one on his list.

Mesmerized by the clear blue waters and white sand of the beaches, and in disbelief that such a picturesque place existed in real life. Chris then hops on a banana boat to go snorkeling with coral, tropical fish and sea anemones in turquoise water. Which takes us to number two on his list; snorkeling and scuba diving!

After a fun day at the beach they headed to downtown Naha to try another cultural cream!

The shop of choice is an American ice cream chain called Blue Seal that is exclusive to Okinawa in Japan. He went for the island’s specialty which is salt cookie. Made up of a white sugar cookie lumps in a thick and chewy cream. And for someone who categorized themselves as not being an ice cream person, he put this as number 3 on his things to do in Okinawa. So it must be good!

The YouTuber takes to some shopping where there seems to be an unlimited selection of spam. One of the national dishes of the prefecture is spam and it became popular after world war 2 as rations.

And it wasn’t the only odd thing, they had Habushu also known as snake sake popular for being a supposed aphrodisiac. But the strangest of all were the frog purses...made with out of actual frogs.

And number four on his list was the local dish known as rafute! This meal consists of marinated pork in soy sauce and brown sugar. And the fatty meat is enough of a description to know it has to be delicious.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.