Doge isn’t just one of the best memes on the internet, it’s now a giant tote bag that will faithfully carry your belongings everywhere you go. The 50×48cm bag is large enough to comfortably fit magazines, notebooks, makeup, wallets, and whatever else you may need on your daily adventures. It's without a doubt the best companion to take with you to class or work.


Source: Zaccaru

The large doge tote bag is currently available in Japan by Zaccaru, a select shop specializing in fun and unique import items from all over the world. Despite the silliness of the meme, its transformation into a fashion item is surprisingly fitting, and will make any Shiba-lover fall in love with its hilariously awkward expression.


Source: Zaccaru


Source: Zaccaru

Doge-lovers can purchase the bag online for 5,185 yen (46.40 USD). Carry it around town and you'll be showered with compliments like "such wow" and "many awesome" in no time at all.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.