Kyoto is known for being one of the most traditional parts of Japan, having one of the richest and most beautiful histories one can encounter. Being given the opportunity to wear several types of traditional Japanese attire is something anyone would be lucky to have when visiting Kyoto.


Wearing Kimono while going to temples and shrines is very popular for both tourists and Japanese natives alike in Kyoto. Especially in cooler months such as Spring and Autumn, many people flock to Kyoto to experience Japan's colorful seasons first hand.


Gion Nishiki is located in Gion, a 4-minute walk from Yasaka Shrine. They have a colorful selection of Kimono, Yukata, and wedding Kimonos. Even though Japanese summers are known for being very hot, there are special types of Kimono that are very cool for the summer.


The wedding Kimono selection was absolutely breathtaking. The amount of detail in every stitch coupled with the many hues of crimson, emerald and nix was a feast for the eyes. Each illustration depicted a different story and feeling, making choosing just one Kimono to wear the most difficult part of the experience.


One thing that stands out is the overwhelming sense of “Omotenashi,” which translates to “hospitality.” The staff of Gion Nishiki were extremely kind and welcoming. Everyone was a master at their craft. Putting on a Kimono so expertly is not a skill one can learn quickly, so for people at Gion Nishiki to put on the Kimono so effortlessly was amazing.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.