The popular anime film Your Name, directed by Makoto Shinkai has been steamrolling box-office charts in Japan for three months now, and is still showing few signs of slowing down. Perhaps it is fitting that a director often called the "next Miyazaki" is seeing what's been dubbed his greatest work yet shoulder-to-shoulder with, and even passing some Studio Ghibli classics.

His newest film Your Name is no stranger to the ears of anime fans, as it opened up to theaters in August and marked earnings of 10 billion yen (US$ 88.5 million) in only one month, which was a first for an anime film not directed by Studio Ghibli's Miayazaki Hayao.

According to Toho, Your Name has grossed 19.492 billion yen (US$ 172.2 million) after claiming the top spot at Japanese box offices for the twelfth time, passing Princess Mononoke which now being ranked as the top 3rd grossed anime film in Japan.


Source: Wiki

Your Name is still playing regularly at Japanese theaters which could easily help it top Miyazaki’s Howl’s Moving Castle, vaulting it to second place among anime films (not counting Titanic, Frozen, and Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone), with Miyazaki’s Academy Award winning Spirited Away as the final boss.

While that may be a hill too steep to climb, Your Name has recently been nominated in the 44th annual Annie awards for Best Animated Feature (Independent) and Directing. Hopefully, Your Name can continue its run with some international acclaim.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.