With their rough little tongues, cats know just how to groom themselves into fluffy perfection. Now thanks to Felissimo, we too can get some help from the felines in making ourselves look more presentable at times when we need to the most. All it takes is a gentle pull of one of Felissimo's cat tongue oil blotting sheets and our faces will be one step closer to being refreshed and oil-free.


Source: Felissimo

These charming tongue-shaped oil sheets were inspired by those adorable moments when cats leave their tongues sticking out of their mouths after grooming or when sleeping. They come packaged as six different types of cats, all containing 30 oil sheets resembling pink cat tongues.

Exotic Shorthair & Mask and Mantle


Source: Felissimo

Tortoiseshell & Brown Tabby


Source: Felissimo

Gray Tabby & Manx


Source: Felissimo

The cat tongue oil blotting sheets can be purchased on Felissimo's online store for 701 yen (6.20 USD) each. Though they're currently not available through the store's international site, there are other cute products there that will ship worldwide.

Next time anyone feels like their face is a tad oily, they can rest assured that these cat tongues will groom them in the most adorable way.


Source: Felissimo


Source: Felissimo

By - grape Japan editorial staff.