For a bowl of noodles to receive the much-coveted Michelin star is not only a compliment of the highest form, but also simply a dream come true. For Japanese ramen restaurant Tsuta, located in Tokyo, the dream became reality when they received the world’s first ever Michelin star last December. After their achievement hit news headlines throughout Japan, visitors from all over the world swarmed in and out of the small cozy store, which sadly caused the eventual shutdown of the restaurant. However, a few weeks later, they opened up again to feed the long awaiting ramen loving customers, as well as ramen chefs who traveled from far away to get an inspiring hint for their own future award-winning bowls.

However, recently another Michelin star-winning ramen restaurant made its appearance in Tokyo. The Japanese ramen store Nakiryu has officially become part of the Michelin family, and will be introduced in the 2017 Michelin guidebook. Nakiryu is known for its Dandan noodles, a spicy type of ramen that originated from Chinese Sichuan cuisine. Some of the exquisite ingredients of Nakiryu's version of Dandan noodles include minced pork, scallions, and a mouthwatering chili oil sauce that has the perfect amount of spiciness.

Based on Michelin's recent announcement, the store isn’t too crowded yet. But if you do have the chance to go, make sure you get there fast!


2-34-4 Minamiotsuka Toshima, Tokyo

By - grape Japan editorial staff.