It’s unfortunate, but the result is probably predictable. Last week, Domino's Pizza Japan made an official announcement that they were training actual reindeer to help make pizza deliveries in the cold northern areas of Japan like Hokkaido.

It sounds ludicrous, but everything was measured, calculated, and ready to go in terms of promotion. While it's very possible that this was all a joke and PR stunt by Domino's, they released detailed analysis of delivery standards in terms of cost, mobility in snow, and speed needed to cover distances. It was projected that a successful reindeer delivery system could save as much as much as 10 times the cost compared to standard automobile delivery. And they wouldn't need driver's licenses either.

A lot of training time had been spent.

Must spread the joy...

To make the reindeer miracle come true, they implemented a “GPS Driver Tracker” service, so the customers could know when to expect their delivery.

Unfortunately, the project failed--or so they say. Citing inability to train the reindeer adequately and fearing disturbance to orders and people if unruly reindeer ran amok in the streets, Domino's Japan has "canceled" their reindeer project.

But since Domino's Japan had already promised a reindeer delivery for Christmas, it was hard to completely take back their words. So they made a compromise.

It’s a delivery bike done up in furry reindeer cosplay, so technically some kind of reindeer is delivering your pizza!

Anyhow, these Domino reindeer motorbikes are very rare, if you ever find one crossing by you should feel really lucky.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.

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