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The Scariest Izakaya In Japan

YouTubers Anora and Florie from the channel Deep In Japan head to the scariest izakaya in Japan! This Japanese bar is located in Kichijoji in the neighborhood of Musashino. As they enter this Yurei Izakaya which means ghost bar in Japanese, you can see the horror genre decor and the creepy atmosphere created by the employees who are in costume and roles to match the theme. The first surprise that meets the girls are the electronic, giant spiders crawling down from the ceiling. And a fog machine to set the scary mood.

The menus are glow in the dark and are presented with a bloody hand (fake of course). You can see the paintings of ghosts on the wall and dummies created to look like dead bodies hanging off the ceiling.

As the girls take in the atmosphere, Anora tries to give Florie a few good scares.

The workers stay in role the whole time and hand out wet towels to clean your hands which was supposedly chilled using ghosts!

They even have their own unique way to order which the YouTubers demonstrates.

The first dish that arrives looks like fresh eyeballs and deep fried cursing dolls that are covered in blood. But don’t worry it’s just shaped cheese and ketchup!

Head over to Deep In Japan’s channel for a continuation for Yurei Izakaya and to learn more about unique Japanese bars!

Kichijouji Yurei

1/F, 1-8-11 Minami-cho, Kichijoji, Musashino City

By - grape Japan editorial staff.