Stationary brand “Icco nico” has recently created some buzz by releasing a product called the Harukoyomi (Stick-it/post-it calendar).

It may look like ordinary masking tape, but each strand comes with consecutive numbers to indicate the calendar date numbers. The calendar tape provides a daily planner for notebook or handbook users, an easy way without handwriting by just sticking it on whatever paper you are working on. The design is elegant, simple and appealing at the same time, so you won’t miss your important event!

Frankly, Icco nico seems like they weren't expecting the simple calendar tape to do quite as well as it did, as both horizontal and vertical versions were sold out immediately . So far, there hasn't been an update regarding on restock yet, but you can look on their calendar tape website and check in on Amazon to see when they restock.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.