For travelers in Japan, there are a bevy of options when it comes to lodging. As Japan remains hesitant to embrace Airbnb and even aims to restrict it, some of the country's more eclectic hotel options look more enticing. In recent years backpackers have gone as far to stay at love hotels, while others prefer the simplicity and budget of capsule hotels and internet cafes. Net Maru, however, describes itself as neither a capsule hotel or a net cafe, and instead a "good place." For travelers looking just for a place to crash in Japan, it may be one of the cheapest!

For travelers on a budget or those who just missed out on a hotel booking, net cafes in Japan can be a surprisingly welcome alternative. Many come equipped with showers, meals, and long-stay plans that at least offer the bare minimum for someone who just needs to crash when their daily business is finished. Net Maru separates itself, however, by offering somewhat spacious standard rooms, a ladies-only area, and even free shampoo in the showers (10 minutes for 100 yen) and free laundry detergent in the laundromat section.

A recent Tweet boasted of all the amenities (along with auto-lock doors) that come at 1,990 ($17.53) for twelve hours. One week will run you 17,880 yen ($156.81).

While there are obviously more convenient full-serviced hotels and an abundance of net cafes you could choose from as alternatives, for a quick stash and crash, the options offered are quite impressive.

A double room.

Some visitors are particularly impressed with their monitor size.

Personal storage space, a makeup room for women, and non-smoking rooms (separate smoking area available) are all bonuses that many net cafes and capsules won't offer.

With locations in Ikebukuro and Osaka, Net Maru is an attractive hub for tourists who want to focus on their daily travels on the cheap, while getting some bonuses not available at other affordable lodging. Different plans and packages are available by length of stay, location, and room type.

Here are promotional videos for both locations.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.