Anyone who has spent the time and effort it takes to get invested into the worthwhile Yakuza series knows the simple joy of a bizarre but very satisfying pass time: completely wrecking convenience stores.

The Yakuza 6 demo has that in spades. In fact, the "convenience store physics" in the game make it so you don't even need to really get violent. Simply running into shelves and displays will cause items to go flying everywhere, leaving instant ramen and canned coffee ruin in your Japanese gangster wake, and utterly dismaying the guests and employees. And hey, if you encounter a hostile group nearby? Lure them into the convenience store, where you can shove them headfirst into a microwave and tell the clerk to "warm em up for me."

Here are a few more videos of trashing neatly arrange Japanese convenience stores in the game, with no enemies to provoke anything.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.