One of many beautiful traditional sweets in Japan is the dorayaki, which consists of two small pancake-like patties sandwiching a rich filling of sweet Azuki red bean paste. The dessert is also known to be a favorite of Japanese manga and anime character Doraemon, who calls dorayaki “yummy buns.”

A traditional bun typically looks something like this:

But one popular yummy bun store from Kyoto took it to another unbelievable level, stuffing enormous amounts of paste between the two patties..

There's not just double or triple the amount of awesome red bean paste, but probably 5 times more than the usual dorayaki.

This exquisite snack is called "Nama-Dorayaki (生銅鑼焼き)." Nama means "raw" in Japanese, and in this case refers to the fresh and homemade variety of flavors like red bean, cream, matcha and even pumpkin.

So fulfilling... even the patties aren't enough to cover the paste...

If you ever have a chance to visit Kyoto, don’t forget to check out Oboroyazuiundou’s (朧八瑞雲堂) hamburger-like yummy bun.

Oboroyazuiundou (朧八瑞雲堂)

43-1 Shichiku Kamitakedonocho Kita-ku Kyoto Kyoto

By - grape Japan editorial staff.