Nothing beats a cold glass of beer at the end of the day, but a beer glass designed just for you could elevate that drink into one that fits your personal tastes and preferences to a T. Japanese brewing and distilling company Suntory discovered a way to do just that by inventing a beer glass personalized for each individual according to his or her DNA.


Source: DNA Glass

As one of the oldest distributors of alcoholic beverages in Japan, Suntory understands the importance of the glass when it comes to imbibing in some good old beer. After taking a DNA sample of an individual and analyzing it, the company has come up with a way to design a one-of-a-kind glass using an original algorithm. Observing the levels of one’s physical tendencies like alcohol tolerance and sensitivity to malt aroma, as well as social tendencies like honesty, sociability, and tenacity, Suntory claims that they can create an impeccable glass unique to every beer drinker in the world.


Source: YouTube


Source: YouTube

According to their website, it looks like their new technology has already been tested out on a group of beer-loving people. Head over to the page to see what kind of glasses have been designed so far, and keep and eye out for future updates. Though the DNA beer glasses don’t seem to be available for the general public at the moment, there might soon come a day when we’ll all be able to try it out for ourselves.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.