If you are looking for a haven among Japan's many onsen abundant prefectures, Oita prefecture in Kyushuu may be one of the best to sample. The area boasts the most onsen facilities with a resource of over 4000 hot springs, which is what the city of Beppu used to launch a viral campaign, promising to open up an Onsen theme park. if a promotional video reached enough views. As silly as it sounds, they reached the goal within a week, so Japan’s first ever Onsen theme park is tentatively set to make an onsen attraction. In the meantime, it’s perfect timing to add hotels around areas where visitors would increase. Cheap capsule hotels are one of best ways to crash for budget travelers, but the narrow tiny spaces and low standard utilities could turn customers away. But no worries, Japan's capsule hotels have been incredibly and largely improved to compete with standard hotels, which even surprises locals.

The Gloria capsule hotel located in Oita Prefecture offers lodging at 2,000 yen per night. Although it may be a bit jarring for first time capsulers, this capsule hotel includes an extremely large space for natural onsen!

It's considered a bonus in standard hotels to sport a natural onsen, so being able to find one in a capsule hotel at just 2,000 yen is a steal..

And Sauna too?

A small note from a customer report, “The hotel’s outdoor onsen is a big plus, but it does not include air conditioning,” so the best time to go is winter.

Gloria Hotel

11-31 Kotobukimachi, Ōita-shi, Ōita-ken 870-0036

By - grape Japan editorial staff.