There's no question that McDonald's Japan has a reputation for having one of the company's most adventurous menus, but being creative isn't always enough, they have to deliver on taste to make those seasonal experiments become annual releases. So this year they are leveling up theGurakoro burger(short for gratin-croquette burger), which already is one of the fast food chain's most successful releases in Japan.

The revamped Gurakoro burger is called the “Cho Gurakoro” or “Super Gratin Croquette.” It's marketed as a premium version of the normal Gurakoro, but with flavor levels taken up a level, including the creamy egg sauce filling and spiced croquette stuffed with macaroni. The buns are also puffier and more pillow-like than before.

The Demi Cheese Gurakoro also benefits from some improvements, which is known for sharp cheddar cheese and a demi-glaze sauce.

As part of the campaign, fries are being sold with a "Tomato Cream Sauce", which sounds suspiciously like ketchup.

Like most of these campaigns, the tasty Gurakoro burgers won’t last long, as they are a seasonal release until the first week of January. The Cho Gurakoro sell at 340 yen, Demi Cheese Gurakoro for 370 yen, and the tomato cream sauce comes in at an extra 30 yen with fries. If you're in Japan and haven't had a Gurakoro before, this may be the best way to try.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.