There’s no shortage of fluffy white bread loaves in Japanese bakeries, and ever since we’ve seen the adorably comfy bread chairs from Village/Vanguard, it’s been clear just how much Japanese households love their freshly baked bread. And while we’ve introduced everything from moldy bread chairs to egg blankets, the bread furniture series has been given a few additional items for toast fans everywhere — the bread sofa and bread sofa bed!

Bread Sofa

The more the merrier, especially on this cozy bread sofa. Large enough for adults to squeeze onto, it’s the perfect addition to the assortment of bread chairs you might already have at home...

Bread Sofa Bed

If lying down is your default position, this bread sofa will expand into a fluffy bed. The bed is 165cm (5 feet 4 inches), which might not be big enough to fit everyone, but is the epitome of relaxation just the same.

The bread sofa (13,824 yen/120 USD) and the bread sofa bed (17,065 yen/150 USD) can both be purchased on Village/Vanguard’s online store along with the rest of their bread furniture series. All items are made with care by a Japanese zaisu (Japanese style floor chairs) company for the utmost comfort. With furniture like these, guests will be begging to sleep over at your house.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.