Toilets in Japan can be confusing and frustrating for some first time visiters. To avoid any...tragic happenings during your business, here are some simple instructions on how to use a Japanese toilet courtesy of Japanese telecommunications giant DoCoMo. The video tackles sitting positions on squat toilets, toilets with washlets, and even dramatic butt-wiping techniques!

There are two types of toilets, the traditional Japanese toilet and western style toilet.

To wipe your bottom clean and efficient, there are two styles.

The Elephant Style

Use one hand to reach from the front, then in between your legs until you reach your bottom.

The Horse-Tail Style

Simple wipe from the back without going under through legs.

The western style toilet is obviously more comfortable for foreigners, but Japan’s western style toilets are usually equipped “shower mode” or washlet/bidet to clean your bottom after you finish your business. (Note: Not for washing hands.)

While shower mode is on, you move in 3 types of movement to achieve perfect cleanness to your bottom.

The Tornado

The Grind

The Float

The Sumo

And lastly, another new implement feature to bathroom is the smartphone toilet paper. Scientific reports have discovered that smartphone screens carry 5 times more bacteria than actual toilet seats, partially do to using them while on the toilet. The smartphone toilet paper can be now found in Japan's Narita Airport. In addition, DoCoMo are preparing more installments in Japan, which also includes wifi-network service and travel guide info printed on the paper.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.