You might think you'd be able to spot a super hot ninja from a mile away, but ninjas are specifically trained to slip through crowds and buildings unnoticed, and it would take a lot more than physical attraction to locate them in hiding. But one shiba is determined to find Kaori, a sexy kunoichi (female ninja), in a challenge testing the adorable canine's ability to sniff out its target regardless of place or time of day.

The challenge is taken on in three separate stages — in a messy room, outdoors in the city, and at a crowded izakaya. Can you spot Kaori quicker than this cute shiba can?

The video is actually a campaign video advertising Oenon's Tantakatan Shiso shochu, which you may have noticed Kaori, played by Japanese gravure idol Asuka Kishi, taking sips of. The shiba is seen following the herb infused scent of the drink to find the ninja, who almost succeeds in outwitting the clever dog. Turns out, no scent can hide from the keen sense of smell of the charming little shiba.

Source: YouTube

By - grape Japan editorial staff.