Most of us aren't too worried about giving a nearby animal a cold or anything like that, so it makes sense that we would be pretty carefree when it comes to sneezing around them. Unfortunately for some of us more violent sneezers, we might need to be bit more thoughtful--at least if we run into a prairie dog like Japanese Twitter user @I70cm did. While the original Tweet mistakenly (and somewhat charmingly) mistakenly identifies the unsuspecting prairie dog as a meerkat, the animal's exaggerated reaction to being caught off guard by a loud sneeze is just too cute.

While @I70cm can be heard apologizing profusely to the startled prairie dog, the little furball ends up scurrying away in shock, or perhaps the same kind of embarrassment cats have a tendency to display. Either way, it's probably better than catching a cold.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.