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A Look At Naked Japanese Monk Training

What was supposed to be a simple day standing under a waterfall became naked monk training for YouTuber Chris from Okano TV! Once arriving at Ryusenji Temple in Okayama Prefecture, it started off innocently with a serene view of a lake.

This place is a pilgrimage for a lot of monks to discipline their souls. They stand under the waterfall and focus on the pain and forget their surroundings. The water comes out of a dragon’s mouth and according to local legends there was a dragon that lived on the mountain during ancient times.

In Buddhism, dragons are known to be defenders of households. After learning all this information, the YouTuber had to experience it for himself!

First step is to remove all clothing other than the flimsy loincloth which brought on a lot of laughs for Chris and his friends. He stood there completely confused watching the Buddhist practices that had begun.

The second step was getting salt thrown on him and the bowing before entering the falls.

From the first splash, the youtuber realized the water was freezing! And the next step was to rinse these limbs in the following order; left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg in the freezing water. And he bravely did the full body plunge while chanting; namu, myo, ho, ren, ge, kyo.

It’s very clear the video maker was in a lot of pain and for that reason alone go check out his videos to see more daring activities he tries for his viewers!

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.