Ever thought movie seats were a bit too small? Well, the Tokorozawa Theater in Saitama Prefecture heard your concerns, so they closed up temporarily to take on a big secret project they knew would make movie-goers jump in their seats.

After 2 months of anticipation, the Tokorozawa Theater reopened with a brand new transformation.

That’s right! The BOX Premium seats (literally like beds)! Each seat can comfortably fit a family of 4, or you could just use the whole area by yourself. However, it may cause some worries if couples are seen lying on such a cozy bed during a love scene...

If the bed seat is too much for you, you can downgrade to either the first premium or second premium seats which are also available.

The one and only BOX Premium seats serve the ultimate luxury movie theater experience. Even so, the ticket price for 1 bed seat is only 4,000 yen (34 USD), which is a huge discount if shared with a group of people.

Tokorozawa Theater

Address: 1-2 Midorichō, Tokorozawa, Saitama Prefecture (Inside Shin-Tokorozawa PARCO)

By - grape Japan editorial staff.