Cats have a tendency to demand that everything conform to their world view, and their adorable nature typically faces very little resistance from us humans. Technology, however, is very rarely so understanding, and so we've seen everything from toy banks to Jedi Master Yoda become the mechanized enemy of felines everywhere. Kinako (roasted soybean flour), a munchkin and Persian mix in Japan, however, may have the most adorable reaction to a machine yet, as her total confusion at seeing a humidifier in action is impossibly cute.

Kinako is absolutely befuddled by the humidifier's mist, trying in vain to paw at it, only doubling the naturally confused expression her munchkin traits give her. Only a year old, the video has become a big hit and made her a feline internet champion, so here is Kinako thanking everyone for all the attention.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.