If you've been to Japan, you've likely encountered public workers and professional officials such as train conductors and policemen, who wear easily noticeable white gloves and direct guests with polite and warm efficiency, almost certainly punctuated with a grateful bow. You'd think that Prime Minister's Abe Shinzo's Security Police may be above the meticulousness of such routine when in a hurry to escort their boss, but that's not the case at all. Here is Abe's car and escorts merging into traffic in a way reserved for bona fide studs, but also charmingly Japanese.

Note: The video cannot be embedded, but just go ahead and watch on YouTube.

Excuse us, coming through!

Please slow down!

And since we are already leaning out of the car, here is a "thank you" bow!

As Abe's Toyota Century V12 prepares to merge into moving traffic, his Security Police entourage leans as far as possible out their windows, signaling to vehicles to slow down and then bowing as they comply (also check out the cute animated display of accidents to the left for a bonus). While it's never safe to overgeneralize, the convoy's way of slowing the traffic down and drivers obediently complying is in many ways tied to how Japan has earned a reputation as a society that prioritizes courteousness as means of smooth function. The whole thing ends rather quickly without any need to shut down any roads. The video in its entirety can be seen here, via trh200v1tr.

You can also observe similar behavior with local police officers. This patrol car in Kanagawa politely announces that it is passing by.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.