Between long work days for employees and demanding after-school activities for students, it's no wonder that Japan tends to value relaxing therapeutic methods to correct poster and heal stiffness in the body. Massages and stretches are often sought out to correct what is called "nekoze" (cat's back), or a rounded back caused by bad posture. While some may be a bit strong, there's probably very few techniques for relaxing and posture restoration that would catch your eye quite like this.

While it may look like a mummification or bondage technique (this was actually Tweeted out by an S&M model and escort--I know this because I spent like an hour not doing any work and admiring her pictures and checking prices), it's called otona-maki (adult wrapping), and is technique that involves completely wrapping up the human body in set poses (you can breath through the cloth) for certain amounts of time (this Tweet advertises it as 30 minutes for 3240 yen and 50 minutes for 6480 yen).

Recently introduced on a TV Tokyo program, otona-maki is said to help correct posture, make the body more flexible, and in general just rejuvenate people by recreating the nurturing nature of the womb or being held in your mother's arms. One issue suggested by health blog viennajuku is that the curve of your back is more flexible due to the positions you are usually in, while as we spend time standing as we get older we lose that flexibility. While there is certainly merit in flexibility techniques like these, as Kotaku points out, Japanese people are reacting to it with pangs of claustrophobia and showing how it looks like a horror movie scene.

Or maybe even a Thanksgiving turkey.

Eerily similar to the Japanese psychological horror film Audition...

As creepy or uncomfortable as it may look, many are singing the praises of the added flexibility and posture correction.


Here's a short video demonstration so you can see how it is performed.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.