KFC's promise of "finger lickin' good" chicken may have found a self-inflicted obstacle in Japan, as the Japanese branch of the fried chicken chain is now introducing transparent gloves for your thumb and finger to keep your eating hands clean.

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In a press release, KFC Japan announced the introduction of the two-fingered transparent gloves, which are officially titled the "Finger Naps" (short for "napkins"), although they are affectionately being called "finger condoms". They claim that the most delicious way to enjoy fried chicken is eating it by hand--and while that may seem like a totally obvious non-statement to some of us, it's not uncommon for people in Japan to have reservations about picking up a greasy piece of chicken and getting their hands dirty. (You'll sometimes see customers using napkins or even chopsticks to prop up greasier pieces.)

While many consider getting down and dirty with the grease part of the fried chicken experience, those with reservations, or as KFC suggests, are concerned with their nails or what to fool around on their phone, can use them while they eat. They make for a great tool as many Japanese families will head to KFC to celebrate Christmas.

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It should be noted that while these Finger Naps may be new to KFC Japan, they are available in other countries like Korea, where they can be regularly purchased in tubs for personal use.

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Some seasoned fried chicken eaters may cry heresy to see these in use, but the finger napkins are sure to cut down on some regular napkin use. Unless the fried chicken grease is so strong that it seeps through...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.