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A Day In The Life Of A Japanese Monk

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a monk at a Japanese Buddhist temple? Well, Emiky from the YouTube channel, Emily Louise Maitland did and so she set off to Honkouji Temple in Ichikawa Prefecture for an experience of a lifetime.

After arriving at the temple Emily was greeted by the staff and taken to a traditional Japanese tatami room where she met the monk Koumei Bitou. There Koumei introduced himself and told her a little about his history and how he became a monk. He made his first steps to become a monk at just 11 years old. He also told her about some interesting facts and rules about modern day monks.

Next, Koumei took Emily on an up close and personal tour of the temple. Usually, you aren't allowed to enter these areas but on this particular tour she could. First they greeted the gods by saying a little prayer. Then, Koumei explained all about the different parts of the temple and how it is split into three parts to represent the past, present and future. She learnt that everything in this temple has its own place and significance. Koumei also played some of the instruments for her.

One of the highlights of her day at the temple was making a lucky charm. Using a calligraphy pen and a stencil of Japanese Kanji, she copied three passages that asked the gods to protect the ten worlds that live inside her soul. She then wrote an ema. A special wooden block used to wish for big things.

After she had finished making both of these, it was time for the ceremony. As she prayed, Koumei performed a ceremony asking the gods for protection and for her wishes to come true. She said that it was an honor to have a ceremony performed just for her.

Then, they headed outside to the garden to hang up the ema. After that, she was asked to pick a fortune. She got the biggest luck fortune. How fortunate! If you get a bad fortune you are supposed to tie it up and hang it on the fence. If you get a good one you are supposed to keep it.

After viewing the two power spots, which are a well and tree known for their great spiritual power. She thanked Koumei for his kindness and hospitality and headed home.

If you would like to see her day with a monk in more detail, you can check out her video.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.