Chris from the YouTube channel, OkanoTV brings us on a Japanese adventure to places most tourists who stick to the main attractions never get a chance to see! This time the destination is Okinoshima or Oki Island which is in Shimane Prefecture. A group of 180 small islands with only four that are inhabited by people, the landscape and geological makeup make for a unique and unforgettable adventure. Oki Islands was also designated a UNESCO Global Geopark in September 2014.

Because the Oki islands are actually exposed areas of two eroded volcanoes, some of the oldest rocks in Japan have been discovered here. Using a ferry, visitors can visit the island during the months of March to October. Even though the winters are mild and Oki island doesn’t get too much snow, the ferry stops during the winter due to high waves. The best time to see Oki Islands is March and April to view the Cherry Blossoms.

A strange and mysterious occurrence in the Oki Islands is the ecosystem. Plant life and vegetation found in Hokkaido as well that found in Okinawa typically are both abundant in the Oki Islands. Along with the unique plants and animals, the culture and way of life of Oki Islands is also unique due to it’s isolation from the mainland of Japan.

A popular part to start exploring is the forests of Cedar trees that are hundreds of years old and come in a variety of interesting shapes and formations. The most well-known are the three giant Japanese cedar trees: Yao-sugi, Chichi-sugi and Kabura-sugi.

Besides the scenery, vast expanses of skyline and abundant nature, visitors have a chance to soak in the natural hot springs or visit shrines that are located in a cave (Takuhi Shrine) or between waterfalls (Dangyo Shrine). Being surrounded by mountains and water Oki Islands are a perfect place to go hiking, camping, fishing, kayaking and many other outdoor activities.

And as expected, Oki Islands has a variety of delicious seafood available freshly served every day. Squid, shellfish, oysters and Turban Shell are all popular seafoods Oki Islands have to offer. In his video, Chris and his friends try Turban Shell or Sazae. Check out his video to see the reactions and description of the meal.

For more information on the island, it’s history, access and things to do check out the tourism website in English.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.