Japanese online retailer Bibilab seems to have set out with the goal of reducing everyone to their laziest, but most comfortable state as possible. Bibilab must recently put out Japanese schoolgirl uniform that acts as a personal kotatsu, and is probably most famous for their lazy-person pajamas that you never have to take off. One of their most popular products, however, is a huggable pillow bed modeled after a set of twin tails (what pigtails are called in Japanese) that lets you sleep inside your own hair. They've now spruced up the item by turning them into giant anime pigtails pillow that hugs you back.

What separates it from the previous release? Outside of the more subtle aesthetic (it doesn't look like Hatsune Miku's hair), the "Get caught between Twin Tails" pillow is a little more versatile and pose-able, letting you freely adjust it to your preferred posture and even use it as a tray for your lap. The elastic spandex cover give it some flexibility, and 3.6 kilograms of fluff give it enough sturdiness for some utility. The tagline behind this home base of lazy relaxation is "Hug, be hugged, and be sandwiched."

As you can see, there are a variety of suggested poses that range from "Scenery of One Hundred Dreams" to "Tying the Pillow Into Knots Because of Your First Love." Or you could, y'know, just use it to play video games.

The warm huggable pillow features an anti-static electricity washable spandex cover, fluffy padding inside, and makes for a relaxing seat for reading and gaming. While it definitely falls into a line of products aimed towards people who want to cuddle with their pillows or be lazy, Bibilab actually suggests them for pregnant women and stressed people as well.

The pigtail aesthetic is inspired by the same hairstyle, which has reached a certain level of admiration in Japanese fiction and "cute" culture, actually serves as a way to completely wrap yourself up in the pillow, and was previously released as a plain brown pillow.

Bibilab lists it as 7,920 yen ($67.65 USD), but sites like Amazon and Rakuten carry it at different prices.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.