Emma from the YouTube channel,Tokidoki Traveller takes a trip to Izumo, Japan’s mind blowing countryside! Once landing in the chilly city located in Shimane Prefecture. Her first stop was Gakuen-ji temple.

This beautiful site is surrounded by heaps of trees and moss-covered rocks.

Along with the serenity of nature, the sixth century architecture is a sight for sore eyes.

Emma really captures the peacefulness of the mountainous Izumo even amidst her exciting chase to capture a passing yellow train under Torii gates with her fellow YouTuber friends.

And next on her adventure was a wine theme park in the mountains where one can experience an assortment of this alcohol. What was unique about this place is that you scoop your own wine from a basin of sorts.

Tachikue-kyo Valley is famous for the 500 disciples of Buddha stone statues that can be seen in her video.

Day two was another spectacle of Izumo’s nature from the Tokidoki Traveller; the Hinomisaki Lighthouse.

Even through a screen it is clear her fondness for the blue sea as she sits along the cliffs watching a man fish from an impossible spot.

Soon after she takes her viewers to Benten- Jima Shrine, which is on a giant rock on the middle of the beach.

Something you would only see in Japan!

The adventure ends with Izumo Taisha.

Inside the shrine, you can find so many cute bunnies.

Watching Tokidoki Traveller’s videos is like being there in real life.

Watch her video to learn more about wondrous Japan!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.