Chris Broad from the YouTube channel, Abroad in Japan, gives his viewers a day in his life, through Japan’s comical “Engrish” marketing skills! His day started off with a regular trip to a department store to pick up some socks until he came across the underwear aisle.

Here he discovered “Black Man” super bikini, with a further confusing explanation in the back. Whether this was intentional or purely accidental, the YouTuber doesn’t stop there.

Heading towards lunch, he passed through the local nightlife district and happened upon a Secret Sexy Club. And he figured this top secret location out from a not so secret, giant billboard outside the club.

But the neighboring clubs are even better; “Club Bitter” and “Sexy Friendly Club.” Finally at lunch, his choice of noodles was described as “Pleasant aftertaste in which sourness and pungency harmonize in exquisite balance,” and “women-friendly?”

The YouTuber opted for this vegan restaurant after coming across a particular sign showing all the parts that one can eat off a chicken. One was a scary thought, the butt of a chicken labeled as Bon Jovi.

After purchasing a towel to “thoroughly wash your manly body” and walking passed a children’s shop called “Starvation.”

It was time for dinner. Hanbey is known for its cheap food and drinks, but most of all for it’s strange word choice on their menu. On the sashimi section is a little girl saying,” I think I fit well in a sake. Please daddy.”

And if you think that’s weird, there’s “Monster Priest Octopus Sausage” and “Cinnamon Water Of Terror.” Oh, man, you gotta love Japan!

If this piqued your interest, head over to Abroad In Japan on YouTube to learn more about this spectacular country!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.