Dragons have long been regarded as wise, godly entities in Japanese culture, and one small studio in Tochigi Prefecture specializes in artwork depicting the mystical creatures with just one stroke of a brush. Studio Kousyuuya, located in Nikko, masterfully paints each and every one of their one stroke dragon paintings by hand using a technique honed by four generations of artists.

To be clear, the painting itself isn't drawn in only one stroke. The "one stroke" refers to the drawing of the body, where the artist takes a large brush to slowly work his way down the dragon from neck to tail, all the while simultaneously painting impressively detailed scales onto it. The head is drawn before this in swift, smaller strokes, and more details and color are added afterward to complete each unique piece. Despite how quickly the dragon is painted, the result is still a stunning work of art that exudes power, movement, and sacredness, and it's no wonder the artwork has caught the attentions of art aficionados throughout the world.

For those who can't visit the studio in person, the one stroke dragon paintings can be purchased on Kousyuuya's website, with a selection of different colors and styles available.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.