If you're feeling like 2017 has kicked off with a rather bland start, Nissin's new Japan Noodle Trio might just be what you never knew you needed in your life. Banging out three new flavors of Matcha Seafood Ramen, Ume Kombucha Yakisoba, and Sukiyaki Udon, it appears that Nissin has decided to look to traditional Japanese food and drinks for some mouthwatering inspiration.

While Japan is no stranger to releasing "interestingly" flavored noodles like strawberry shortcake and chocolate, these new instant noodles will be flavored after uniquely Japanese cuisine.

Matcha Seafood Cup Noodle

It comes as little surprise that matcha made it as one of the flavors of the trio, but matcha and seafood? Odd as the combination may seem, the Matcha Seafood Cup Noodle has a creamy seafood-based soup with green matcha noodles which blend deliciously to create a pleasant depth of flavor.

Source: Nissin

Ume Kombucha Yakisoba

Ume Kombucha is a type of tea containing ume (plum) and kombu (kelp). Slightly saltier than other teas, it is nonetheless loved as an alternative to green tea and other traditional drinks. Considering this already immaculate pairing of flavors, there's no doubt this salt-based Ume Kombucha Yakisoba will be just as delicious.

Source: Nissin

Sukiyaki Udon

Udon is commonly added to sukiyaki toward the end of the meal, so you really can't go wrong with this Sukiyaki Udon. Packed with meat juices and containing the perfect amount of sweetness, you'll be craving this bowl of noodles all winter long.

Source: Nissin

The Japan Noodle Trio is scheduled to hit stores starting January 23rd, and will each be available for 180 yen (USD $1.55).

By - grape Japan editorial staff.