Honda is no doubt one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. Sure, their vehicles might not share the same spotlight as sports cars like Lamborghini, but perhaps more importantly, they've discovered what an automobile can do beyond just transporting people and things to improve people’s lives.

Recently, Honda unveiled an astonishingly edgy technology this year in CES 2017, a tech trade show in Las Vegas. Using their robotics technology, Honda delivered a self-balancing motorcycle that possessed the ability to respond to its driver. The motorcycle is programmed to detect and follow the driver even after they've hopped off the vehicle, which makes no effort necessary in situations like entering the garage to park. A similar concept is used with Honda’s uni-cub scooter, which has a hidden adjustable front fork to hold the pivot point at a wider angle for balance. This currently only applies to vehicles driving at slow speed, however, and the prototype is still in its stages of development.

The “Riding Assist” technology is booming in the next upcoming year’s of auto industries, BMW also has a similar showcase, but not at a given point so far like Honda. Although the final version could possibly take a decade away to be sold to consumers, there’s a high chance it could be unveiled in 2020 Olympics. For someone like seniors or people with disabilities, they could also share an equal experience to travel by themselves to enjoy the competitive sports game.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.