Even when dealing in positives, it's never wise to make sweeping generalizations about a country. However, you'll find that most foreign visitors to Japan come back with high praise of the lengths to which the country goes to in showing hospitality and kindness to them as guests. What still surprises people, however, is the success rate many have when they attempt to recover something they've lost or forgotten when traveling in Japan. Lim Boon Sun from Malaysia found that out on a recent trip to Japan, where his loaded wallet was promptly recovered thanks to a kind stranger and diligent police.

While traveling in Japan on vacation with his family, Mr. Lim Boon Sun lost his wallet around 4:00 PM one unfortunate afternoon in Kyoto. Just two hours later he filed a report with the police regarding the missing wallet, and the on-duty officer check the system to see if any had been reported in the vicinity.

In what would seem like a miracle to some (depending on where you are from), the officer informed him that a lost wallet had been reported and delivered to another nearby police station. After hopping on the subway and heading over to the other police station, Mr. Lim Boon Sun was relieved to find out that it was his wallet after all, and collect it by 8:30 PM after filing some of Japan's meticulous, but wallet saving bureaucratic forms.

Lim probably would have been grateful just to retrieve his wallet, but was touched by the honesty of whoever picked it up when he saw that all the wallet's contents were untouched. This includes 14,000 yen ($122.76 USD) and $400 USD, safely intact.

Impressed by the efficiency of the whole recovery process and police efforts, along with the honesty of whoever delivered it with no money taken, Lim expressed his gratitude in a Facebook post and made sure to shake the police officer's hand.

It's not always a sure-fire thing. Good deeds involving misplaced property often depends largely on the character of those who happen to find them. However, many who commented on Lim's story give a much better shot of this happening in Japan than in their home country, and many a tourist has had their prized possessions returned by diligent police and train officers. Take a look at this dropped wallet in Japan social experiment for a little sample of something we should all do.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.