It's unusual enough to have otters for pets, but it's even more surprising when those otters are squealing, attention-loving companions who want nothing more than to be scratched on the head and cuddled by their human.

Well, it turns out that Japanese Twitter user Ryusuke's (@jamworldmixjam) otters can't get enough affection, and needs to be on the receiving end of love any chance they can get. One day, when Ryusuke was lazing around on a tatami mat, he looked across the room to find one of his furry friends doing the same. But desperately wanting attention, the otter fixed its gaze on him, squealing until it ultimately (and a bit forcefully) got what it wanted.

But adorable otters aren't the only ones living with Ryusuke. Their other family member is a little wallaby that loves hanging out with the rest of the gang, and from the looks of Ryusuke's Twitter, it appears that they're living together peacefully and happily in their home in Aichi Prefecture.

Visit Ryusuke's Twitter for more heartwarming pictures and videos of his life with his cute animals!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.