Not everyone may be crazy about radishes, but sometimes all it takes is a bit of visual creativity to lure a picky eater into trying foods they might otherwise refuse to put in their mouths. And with the help of kitchen tool Ravanello, there's a chance that even the most reluctant will take a bite of the peppery vegetable as eagerly as Mario would run after a power-up mushroom.

Designed by Israeli industrial designer Avichai Tadmor, this plastic tool will turn ordinary radishes into bright, round mushrooms that look exactly like those in the Super Mario games. It does require some simple cutting, but the result is a plate of fun and fantasy that's also healthy and delicious.

The radish shaper can be purchased from Animi Causa for US$12. Now anyone can play with their food and incorporate a nutritious vegetable into their diet at the same time!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.