As different as they may be sometimes, Japan's traditional side has an odd but pleasant habit of colliding with its more modern sub-cultures. One under-explored area of that tradition may be Japanese weaponry, which while we've recently seen make waves as hair accessories and even in the form of a katana cafe, may need a little extra boost in attention. Fortunately Japanese Twitter user and traditional weaponry fan @harima_mekkai is giving us a modern spin on Japanese blades by demonstrating their awesomeness in a maid outfit!


Kusarigama (Sickle and chain)

The kusarigama, which you can read about and see in action by weaponry professionals here, is actually a home-made effort by @harima_mekkai.

If you'd like to check out more awesome costumes and weaponry from early Japan, @harima_mekkai fan efforts may be worth checking out for you!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.