Japanese Twitter user and cat owner @E_guttata_wt found the perfect opportunity to test out feline curiosity recently, presenting their cat Kedama-chan with a plate full of snow. Kedama, who had never seen snow before, probably would have reacted pretty negatively if suddenly thrust outside into a pile of snow, so this little controlled experiment provided for safe interaction--and an adorable reaction that epitomizes just how curious cats can be about the world around them.

Also, @E_guttata_wt poses some philosophical wondering about the nature of cats, specifically why we (or at least Japan), doesn't consider them an imported species. It turns out that even though they are mischievous and "alien" in nature---they are forgiven because they are cute. While we'd love to say that's somehow related to Japan's love of kawaii culture, let's face it: everyone forgives cats because they are cute.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.