Looking for a place to stay in Tokyo isn't' always an easy task. With some resistance to popular practices like Airbnb and major hotels that book early, many turn to affordable hostels and net cafes for bare bone crashes. As a literary twist to those cozy hostels, a special bookstore hostel opened in late 2015, which combines your bed space with one of the many book shelves in the hostel called“Bed and Book”, which also recently opened in Kyoto.

The bookstore hostel has attracted tons of visitors with the appeal of being able to revert to their bookworm selves after a busy day of traveling and eating. The stay includes 1,700 selected popular books (with some English language ones available as well), 30 beds, and free WiFi access, making it quite the appealing attraction for travelers who want to catch up on some light reading before calling it a night.

Now, perhaps to spark some social interaction among book lovers, Bed and Book is installing a bar in their lodgings, and even renaming themselves:

That’s right! The “Bed and Book and BAR!”

Sleeping, reading, and drinking. An often-employed three-pronged tactic of weary travelers. The newly named “Book and Bed and Bar Tokyo“ is on track to reopen this weekend. The second chain in Kyoto already sports some craft beer selection for those looking to imbibe while they read, the Tokyo branch is mum at the moment on if they will offer a different selection of drinks.

Non-staying visitors can also sample Book and Bed and Bar Tokyo's drink and book selection, as the hostel will also sell admission packages beginning at 500 yen per hour and 1,500 yen for access between 11:00 AM and 4:00PM.

Book and Bed and Bar Tokyo is set to reopen on January 21st.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.