Among the many treasure troves found in Japanese convenience stores, the hot food section may rain supreme. There you can find adventurous items like sukiyaki flavored fried chicken and big American dogs (what they call corn dogs), but perhaps one of the most coveted treats are nikuman, or steamed pork buns. While a soft and doughy bun filled with a hot and delicious mix of meat, onions, and spice is the old standard, there are some twists on steamed buns with flavors such as pizza and red bean paste. Japanese convenience store chain Mini Stop, however, is introducing the craziest yet: a steamed bun filled with an entire custard pudding.

The dessert variation of the Chinese-style steamed buns (chukaman) is called the Marugoto Purinman, or Whole Pudding Steamed Bun, and contains a full serving of Japanese pudding. Made from whole egg yolks, Japanese pudding is often compared to Flan or creme caramel. Surrounding the creamy custard pudding filling are actual steamed sweet buns that contain caramel sauce in the dough, and topped off with cocoa powder. The savory combination of creamy and fluffy is being marketed as a perfect treat to pair with coffee---which of course Mini Stop offers right at the counter.

If you aren't looking to satisfy your sweet-tooth, the custard pudding steam bun is just one part of a lineup of other nikuman set to hit select Mini Stop starting January 20th, before being released nation wide on January 27th. These include a Pizza Man, Sausage Man, and an Adult Cheese Man pictured below.

At just 108 yen and a combination of sweet and steam that appears too tasty to resist, the Whole Pudding Steam Buns are sure to cause some lines as Mini Stop counters in the near future.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.