Those who’ve been to a McDonald’s in Japan may have noticed there’s a particular chime that always seems to be echoing throughout the fast food chain. Although it might take a number of visits to figure out what the sound indicates, it’s little secret for most that it’s in fact an alarm notifying employees that a batch of fries have just finished frying.

This is what the chime sounds like:

Tuning his creative energies into this simple tune, Japanese Twitter user @teikyousann turned it into a pretty sick beat with the help of music production software like FL Studio and Synth1.

Keen listeners might also recognize another familiar jingle — the entrance song of Japanese convenience store Family Mart. It comes right after the McDonald’s chime, with the original sounding something like this:

Needless to say, the Japanese twitterverse was all over this new song, and thousands are encouraging both McDonald’s and Family Mart to make it their official theme song. And though the original post is only about 40 seconds long, it looks like there’s a full-length version currently in the making!

Stay updated via @teikyousann’s Twitter account to be one of the first to hear his future projects, and head over to SoundCloud to listen to more of his originally produced songs.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.