The creator of Miniature Calendar Tatsuya Tanaka, a professional Japanese photographer, takes miniature photographs and compiles them into a daily calendar. The project started in April of 2011 and has continued for over 5 years, and hopefully, forever.

Harvesting each note

Family bowling night

Showering in the small, small world

Couple dancing a broccoli forest

Tanaka’s Miniature Calendar can be tracked on his website, which is refreshed every day. If you are in the Tokyo area, Tanaka’s work can be seen in Ginza Tokyo at an exhibition titled “Robotic Art in Ginza,” which will end on February 15th.

Metoa Ginza

Tokyu Plaza Ginza, Ginza 5-2-1,

Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 104-0061

By - grape Japan editorial staff.