As Valentine's Day inches closer, Japan's high-end chocolate makers gear up with glee for all the promotional events about to kick off.

While there are a variety of chocolates for those in Japan to choose from, these new gorgeous traditional kimono pattern styled chocolates from Kyoto may be the prettiest of the bunch.

The beautiful and delicate kimono pattern artwork featured on these chocolates are the product of the kimono dying masters and artists of Yoshikawa Sensho, who have been practicing the traditional yuzen fabric dyeing method for over one hundred years.

Along with the charming and traditional aesthetic is a rich taste almost guaranteed by by Chef Chiba, who trained as chef pâtissière in Paris and worked under famous chocolatiers.

Backing up the distinctly Japanese patterns are Japanese flavors.


White Miso




Kuro-shichimi (Black seven-spice mix)


Yatsuhashi (a traditional Tokyo treat made from rice flour, sugar, and cinnamon)

The Kimono Chocolate from Chocolate De can be purchased online (Japanese domestic delivery) at the Mitsukoshi Online Store, and is priced at 3888 yen for a set of 8 pieces. Buyers can consider themselves lucky, as the designs featured on the chocolates are said to double as good luck charms.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.